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Everyone deserves to be on a winning team.

Too often teams lack direction, have little or no motivation, miss deadlines and experience ineffective management…leading to frustration, chaos, re-work and gossip. Every person deserves to be engaged and fulfilled at work. A team that wins is respected and admired, satisfies customers, achieves results, and performs well in a pleasant culture.

Alignment Partnership educates managers on what is required to grow winning teams as they plan, organize, direct and ensure the work achieves vision, goals and strategies.

This means that managers and teams get clear on: where they’re going, why they’re going there, how they will get there, and what they want to experience along the way.


who we serve

Our Clients are:
  • New Managers & Supervisors
  • Mid-level Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Executive Directors
  • Team Members
  • Departmental Managers

See a list of clients who have trusted the Alignment Partnership System to help them grow winning teams.


how we do it

We Solve Problems with:
  • New management
  • Change
  • Conflict
  • Lack of direction
  • Aging workforce
  • Accountability

Learn more about the types of jobs we tackle here: Project Examples.



Our Services include:

Discover how our 7-step alignment system helps managers and teams become more cohesive. Learn more


When you transplant employees into new management roles, they need the right resources to achieve the right results. Alignment Partnership can help you do the groundwork to create an environment where managers and their teams win.

Cultivate managers using Alignment Partnership’s effective system. They’ll learn to develop winning teams, eliminating confusion and frustration while contributing to gains in quality, team fulfillment and company success. Our mission is to grow winning teams by facilitating self-discovery processes that educate managers and teams on the reality of their own dynamics so that they create systems which align with their true nature.

How do you get aligned?     Find out now


Mary Kausch knows people — specifically employees and employers. She has more than 35 years of practical experience in building teams through roles in Human Resources and Organizational Development and more than 30 years of leadership and management experience. To know people, one must know human nature. And the keys to Mary’s powerful insight are her study of human nature and her ability to recognize that every employee is, first and foremost, a person who exists in a complex organizational ecosystem. Learn more about us.

Proven Results

  • Employees are motivated, inspired
  • Teams are empowered to draw from strengths
  • Mission, vision and values are clear
  • Generational gaps are bridged
  • Resolution rules over conflict


Mary is a trusted partner in our Leadership Development curriculum for newly hired supervisors and managers. Participants left her class with increased competence and newfound confidence.  Mary’s energy and interactive approach to learning kept everyone fully engaged despite the 8-hour day in class. Mary became an extension of our team, entrenched in BJC culture and a true partner in this work.
Krista JungeBJC Institute for Learning & Development

Try Alignment Partnership for Your Business. IT WILL GROW ON YOU.

If you’re serious about growing a winning team, let’s get started.


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