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Mary Kausch knows what it’s like to have knowledge, skills and abilities that are underutilized and undervalued. She knows first-hand that employees who are asked to do tasks that are incongruent with their true nature and strengths can quickly become disengaged, ineffective and restless. She’s lived it.

Alignment Partnership was born out of Mary’s frustration with the limitations placed on her by corporate America and a yearning to earn her living doing things that inspired and energized her. Her love of experiential learning, which inspires the Alignment Partnership system today, makes each package and workshop highly relatable and highly effective. Learn more about our services.

Our Core

Based on the principle that our true nature never fails us and that nurturing the nature of your workforce breeds excellence in the workplace, Alignment Partnership is an effective way for companies to reach their goals. Employees perform best when they work from their natural strengths. When managers understand how to discover and nurture this, they have the missing piece needed for success.

Identifying and encouraging people to work within their true nature and strengths creates the optimal environment for employees to make their greatest contributions to company success. They find satisfaction and pride in knowing they are valued and heard.

We Deliver RESULTS
  • Unearth the inner motivation of your employees to naturally engage and inspire them to be their most productive
  • Inspire and teach managers on how to bring out the best in their teams by discovering the strengths of each team member and aligning roles and responsibilities
  • Clearly communicate your mission, vision and values to get your team on board and performing the tasks needed to achieve your goals
  • Provide clear direction to your teams to align their contributions and bring results
  • Bridge the gap between generations to bring cohesion and a culture of mutual respect
  • Steer clear of the “Perfect Storm” of interpersonal conflict and resolve issues within your team to create a more harmonious workplace environment
Over 35 Years EXPERIENCE
  • Seasoned in understanding the dynamics of an inter-generational workplace and how these experiences shape personal values, attitudes and work behavior
  • Specialties include employee engagement, talent management and employee relations
  • Certified Facilitator in DiSC and iWAM (Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation) and qualified in Myers Briggs
  • Degree in Human Resources and Industrial Communications
  • 30 years of management experience
  • Over 35 years of human resource and organizational development experience

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Our Clients

Big business. Small companies. Entrepreneurs. No matter the size of your enterprise, you want it to flourish.


who we serve

Our Clients are:
  • New Managers & Supervisors
  • Mid-level Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Executive Directors
  • Team Members
  • Departmental Managers

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how we do it

We Solve Problems with:
  • New management
  • Change
  • Conflict
  • Lack of direction
  • Aging workforce
  • Accountability

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Our Services include:

Discover how our 7-step alignment system helps managers and teams become more cohesive. Learn more

Our Path11_icon_about_us

The story of Alignment Partnership is a very personal one. Initially, my quest for knowledge took five months, four states, 30,000 miles, cashing in my 401(k), unconditional focus, lots of helpful people and tons of initiative, perseverance and resilience. And you know what? It was totally worth it. I have absolutely no regrets.

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HR etc!! began out of my truck in 1991–literally! It started as an answer to my personal frustration of being in the wrong role within corporate America.

I knew I had an underutilized aptitude for teaching which would better serve my employer and that my job was not a good fit for me. Yet, a Human Resource policy forced me to stay in my role as supervisor of the Employee Benefits and Medical department.

So, in October of 1991, I quit my job. During my exit interview, my boss (VP of Human Resources) told me of his regret; that he had done a poor job of managing my creative side and how this had ultimately hurt the company – and me. All I could think was: “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” His comment simply provided more conviction for my yearning.

My Journey

Being a lifelong student of Mother Earth and an avid outdoorswoman, I preserved my 401(k) money by living out of my truck while camping with my dog Mollie. You should have seen the looks on my fellow campers’ faces when I would emerge from the campground shower house in a business suit, hose and heels on my way to meet a potential client!

This was during the height of “experiential learning” – also known as action learning and learning by doing. Being an outdoorswoman and a kinesthetic learner, I was naturally drawn to ropes challenge courses as a training medium.

My choice of aligning my true nature with my knowledge was completely logical. I was compelled to teach companies with solid Human Resource infrastructures – guiding managers and leaders in fair and consistent people-management practices. And that’s just what I did.

During these sessions I observed that people would say one thing yet do something else. This seemed unnatural! With co-facilitators, I helped managers, leaders and their teams innately understand, through their behaviors, that words aligned with actions create trust. Without this alignment, distrust manifests, creating a downward spiral of morale and performance – another basic law of human nature.

My Revelations

Over the next six years, I learned about group development and process, team formation, motivation, adult learning, training methodologies, organization development and theories, performance coaching, facilitation and, most importantly, the laws of human nature.

Most critical in all of this: I learned about my own true nature, my strengths – something I was unable to accomplish without mentors who believed in me. They helped me learn that by aligning the true nature of my strengths with the work that had to be performed, I could consistently surpass expectations, goals and benchmarks, and ultimately achieve success.

I was very pleased when the Organizational Leadership and Supervision School at Purdue University contacted me, asking that I teach an undergraduate class in Organizational Behavior. Definitely a career highlight!! Being a client, they knew the power of the experiential processes I created and facilitated … and they wanted me to make the Organizational Behavior curriculum COME ALIVE. I happily accepted for the next three semesters!

My Future

Alignment Partnership, a company of HR etc!!, is entering its 27th year of business and, like me, is evolving to reflect all I’ve learned about what it takes to help managers, teams and companies flourish. With our team of seven talented individuals consistently applying our own true natures and using our strengths in activities that leave us feeling strong and useful, our renewed mission is to help leaders and manager understand and realize the benefits alignment can bring – ease, harmony, creativity, contribution and goals met – within their own companies.

I also continue my quest to learn more of my own human nature. I am committed to not only my growth, I’m committed to helping others overcome their frustration with being unable to do activities that leave them feeling strong, so they can perform their best. When employees are flourishing, so are you and your company! I know that firsthand; after all, I am a company owner, too.

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