Being the RIGHT Leader

2017-02-21 Right Leader BLOGWhat does it take to be the RIGHT leader? Do you have what it takes?

The RIGHT leader sets the tone in an organization. They craft the vision, build alignment around that vision and bring the vision to life by championing execution. In other words, the RIGHT leader plants the seeds of vision and cultivates an ecosystem where the vision becomes reality.

Unfortunately, not all leaders have the innate capabilities and talents to lead… and do it well. Though we often think of leaders as being “born” to lead, the ability to lead is not always a given. In fact, Warren Bennis, the “father” of leadership, considered the idea of a genetic factor to leadership a dangerous myth. While it’s true that some leaders throughout history seem to have been born to fulfill a leadership role, even famous historical leaders were able to play their role because their characteristics were a “fit” with the vision they championed. Those who aspire to be leaders can also develop leadership skills and understand the role they can play.

In a 2014 New York Times article written shortly after Bennis’ death, Glenn Rifkin wrote that Bennis considered becoming a leader a process similar to becoming a fully integrated human being. And Bennis believed that both becoming a leader and being fully integrated as a human being involved self-discovery.

Just like everyone else who plays a role in organizational vision, those who feel called to lead must discover and develop their strengths and determine how they contribute to the bigger picture. Leaders may need to dig deep and cultivate the qualities and characteristics required to bring the vision to reality.

But successfully bringing a vision to reality is also directly related to having the RIGHT type of leader to execute a particular vision, since not every vision is the same. Click here to learn more about the RIGHT Leader for Every Vision…

With the different types of vision and the type of leader each requires, alignment of vision, talents and capabilities is key. Leaders have to assess and understand their strengths and leadership style. They may not be the RIGHT leader for an organization’s vision. But they may be able, through that process of self-discovery, to develop their characteristics and abilities. This leads us back to the competitive advantage that is Alignment Partnership.

To execute the RIGHT Vision, the RIGHT leader aligns their innate talents and capabilities with the Vision that is RIGHT for them.

If you’d like to know more about your innate skills and how they align with the Work of Leaders, click here for a sample report. Then contact me. I can help you unearth your strengths and style.

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