The Best Thing for Teams

I work with hundreds of managers each year.

Some of these managers are also deemed leaders, yet they perform management functions — even if they are the CEO/President of a small business! [Check out an outline of management and leadership functions]

I have been in similar positions for over 30 years. I know the challenges.

The number-one thing that I’ve discovered about this leadership/management dichotomy is that without a clear direction, the team cannot win. 

And, really, who wants to be on a losing team?

Winning teams recognize that everything in business emanates from a clear direction.

I call this Vision. Other people use terminology such as Mission or Purpose. Regardless of the terminology, neuroscience tells us that human beings crave certainty. Clarity of why we do what we do provides us with meaning and, most often, it inspires us.

Equally important to having a vision is that the manager and leader have conviction about that vision. They have to believe that the vision serves a greater cause, that it is believable, and that it can be achieved. [Get more information about a Vision With Conviction]

A direction — a Vision — allows managers and leaders to:

  • Create goals and strategies to assure achievement
  • Align individual talent to the goals and strategies
  • Clarify who contributes what, willingly and successfully (thereby engaging them and their effort!)
  • Keep the team focused
  • Recruit and hire the most qualified candidates
  • Provide appropriate feedback
  • Inspire and focus individuals and the team

This is one of the BEST things managers and leaders can do to create a winning team. And everyone wants to be part of a team that wins!


2 Responses to The Best Thing for Teams

  1. Mary,
    Always nice to read your clear, simple yet very meaningful messages.
    My wife will be in one of your training sessions soon, she is the new CFO at Independence Center, part of BJC.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Best regards,

    • Thank you Lee! I’m glad you find these messages clear and simple. What did you find most informative with this particular message?

      Looking forward to seeing your wife in an upcoming training session. There is usually a waiting list for these — please let her know so she registers very soon.


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