Get Serious about CULTIVATING A Winning Team.

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The CULTIVATE Package is the Stepping Stone for Your Business Success.

Kudos for being serious about growing a winning team! This process requires perseverance.

We developed this 9-month process for managers with 2-5 years of experience — and who are serious about cultivating a winning team. This package is for teams that are having turnover and need to re-group, managers and teams that are frustrated, teams that achieve results sometimes, and chaotic work environments.

CULTIVATE Package Highlights

  • Team Performance

    Improve team success by getting commitment to decisions and plans of action.

  • Measurement Tools

    Identify success factors.  Determine how to measure the team’s progress and results so that individual and team accountability increases.

  • The Trust Factor

    Learn 5 ways to improve trust amongst the team and how to develop trust between managers and teams.

  • Productive Conflict

    Reduce tension by learning how to engage the team in discussing their ideas, opinions, problems and disagreements with the sole purpose of producing the best possible solution in the shortest period of time.

  • Workplace Culture

    Identify the ideal work environment required for managers and teams to do their best work.  Learn techniques for getting the team from where they are to where they ideally want to be.

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