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For many years, leaders and managers asked Alignment Partnership to design and facilitate short (half-day and full-day) programs to help build teams. Ultimately, they realized these short programs did not dedicate enough time, discussion, thought and involvement to alter the team’s dynamics AND commitment to achieve their ultimate desire:  cohesive teams that win together!

You asked and we’re delivering!

Building a cohesive team requires an understanding of the evolving nature of team development.  It is a process!  These packages are designed to Cultivate Managers To Grow Winning Teams – a system for managers and teams to be in it to win it for everyone as they continually adjust to the one constant of life:  a steady stream of changes.

We offer three packages – PLANT, CULTIVATE, GROW – all tailorable to your specific business desires and budgets.

PLANT Package
plant package
Designed for:

  • Managers with less than 2 years of experience
  • Teams that are new to each other
  • Team members that are skeptical of the new manager
  • Teams with unclear direction
  • Managers & Teams struggling with change
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cultivate package
Designed for:

  • Managers with 2-5 years of experience
  • Managers who are serious about growing a winning team
  • Teams having turnover and need to re-group
  • Managers and teams that are frustrated
  • Teams that achieve results sometimes
  • Chaotic team environments
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GROW Package

grow package
Designed for:

  • Managers with 5+ years of experience
  • Managers who are committed to growing a winning team
  • Teams that want to work in a more pleasant culture
  • Managers wanting to develop their successors
  • Teams that struggle with the problem solving process
  • Teams that want to achieve results with less conflict
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