Fit or Flop – Are your employees in the RIGHT roles?

We hire employees... and human beings show up!Have you ever hired or promoted someone who seemed like a rock star, then been completely baffled and disappointed by their poor performance in their new role?

We hire employees . . . and human beings show up! 

There are reasons why employees flourish in some roles but not in others. And there are tools you can use to avoid being baffled and disappointed in the future. But getting to the place where that doesn’t happen requires effort and understanding. It’s all about “Fit”.

There’s so much research supporting the concept of person-environment fit and how it promotes a flourishing workforce. People perform best and have a greater level of satisfaction in their jobs when they hold positions that are a fit with who they are – their true nature. This true nature is a combination of:

  1. Cognitive abilities (knowledge, reasoning, and aptitude),
  2. Behavioral traits (work-related preferences and behavior) and
  3. Interests (level of enjoyment of various activities)

And there’s more:  for people to flourish at work, they also need to fit the culture of the department/organization AND fit the team (including the manager and leader).  I have worked with many people who are very talented and fit their role, yet their interpersonal skills and style did not fit their team and definitely didn’t fit their manager (even though they were hired by their manager).

Individual and collective styles have a huge effect on overall fit. Just because someone has the resume qualifications doesn’t mean they will blend (or play well) with the team.  To help align your team and workforce, check out DiSC Workforce, a powerful tool for revealing the nature of the human beings you’ve hired. It will show you how all the elements of your organizational ecosystem fit together. Here’s a sample so you can see how it all lays out …

How your workforce fits their roles and their teams has a HUGE impact on productivity and performance. When you have the right people, in the right roles, with the right responsibilities, making the right contributions, with the right leaders and managers, you’ll get the right results – EVERY time. You’ll gain the competitive advantage of fit and that’s what being in an Alignment Partnership is all about. After all, isn’t that what we strive for?

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