Want to Know the Greatest Recruitment Tool Ever?


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Employees don’t leave companies. They leave managers.

That is probably something that you’ve heard before.

According to Gallup’s State of the American Manager report, one in two employees has left a job to get away from a manager and to improve their overall life at some point in their career.

I was that one-in-two employee who left a manager. I did it to improve the quality of my life. It was early in my management career, and I was so excited to supervise a 14-person team to administer employee benefits and oversee the medical department of a global appliance manufacturer.

But that excitement turned to disappointment.

My manager did nothing to help me understand how to supervise. He did nothing to teach me how to navigate corporate politics — an especially important skill in a union shop. I received no direction in how to elevate performance or in how to establish direction, goals and strategy. He did not coach; he criticized. I never knew if I was doing something correctly.

Based on feedback from those I served, I knew that I was doing things well, so I was undeterred.

I am a people person. I had been educated in human resources. I had some years of management experience.

So I carried on.

Sure, I made mistakes. But I did a lot of good things, too.

So where do those bad managers like the one I experienced come from?

Most often individuals are promoted into management positions because they were successful in a previous non-management role or because they have a lot of experience and tenure in the company and/or field. This is not the best practice. And it will not help attract and recruit the talent needed to achieve the vision and goals.

The main reason for this? People talk.

It’s human nature to talk about the negative – what was wrong, how it made them feel, and their frustration. Employees who are unhappy with their managers will tell their family, friends, colleagues, candidates and even complete strangers! This negative talk spreads quickly. And it reflects on the company and impacts the brand.

Good managers are the greatest recruitment tool ever. They develop a culture of respect, trust, openness, and achievement. They align the team so that everyone is capable of doing their best work, and they create partnerships within the team. Good managers help teams win – and in doing so, can recruit the best talent for their team.

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