Are you nurturing the nature of your workforce and creating an environment that will bring the RIGHT results?

Imagine what you could accomplish when the RIGHT people are given the RIGHT responsibilities so they can make the
RIGHT contributions to your organizational goals!

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RIGHT results don’t just happen. Just as in nature, your company and your team need the RIGHT conditions and the ideal environment to flourish. Teams work most productively when each team member experiences a “fit” between their strengths and what they’re asked to do – honoring their true nature.

Creating organizational “fit” by having the RIGHT people in the RIGHT roles with the RIGHT responsibilities is what Alignment Partnership is all about.

When you create an environment that embraces and values the contributions of each employee, you create a flow of engagement, productivity and culture that will take your organization from ineffectual to focused, flourishing, and fully realizing the RIGHT results you seek.

Let Alignment Partnership show you how to harness the power and tap into the talent of your workforce today!

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The RIGHT Leaders

Leaders set the tone in an organization as well as the vision, but they lose credibility when their actions are not aligned with their words. And don’t think employees don’t notice when vision, words and actions don’t align. Misalignment can have a negative impact on employees’ discretionary effort and productivity. The RIGHT leaders set the RIGHT vision, align their words and actions, and experience the benefits of a flourishing organization!

The RIGHT Vision

To achieve organizational goals you need a clear vision and a clear path. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, any path could get you there. Having that RIGHT vision sets expectations for what needs to be accomplished and helps employees align their work with the goal, making your workforce more engaged and productive.

The RIGHT Team

It’s often been said that there is no “I” in team, but a team is actually a collective of individuals who each have unique contributions they can make. Recognizing the unique talents and strengths of each team member makes them stronger and allows them to work at their highest level – as a team. Are you maximizing the “I”s in your team?

“It is evident from the outset of working with Mary Kausch that she is absolutely interested in your organization’s well-being, credibility and longevity.  Mary helps her clients build strategies and practices which clearly align with the vision and purpose of your organization. Her successful work is evidence that creating and sustaining the right culture is built through alignment of this vision with leadership and their teams. Mary knows how to guide everyone towards making their best contributions that lead to complete engagement. Mary Kausch is a versatile, client-focused professional with integrity and purpose as her trademark.” 

Don Eggleston,
Health Care Executive, St. Louis

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Training and Workshops

Search high and low and you won’t find another speaker more passionate about human nature and its effects in the workplace or a trainer more qualified to lead your organization to extraordinary, harmonious productivity. Keynote presentations on the following topics may be customized to meet your specific needs and time constraints:

Engage. Explore. Reveal.

The keys to team contribution involve unearthing the true natures of each team member and tapping into the reservoir of the tremendous talent your team possesses. Let Alignment Partnership guide you through exploring and revealing your team’s strengths to reap the benefits of alignment and get the RIGHT results.

Discover What It Takes To Flourish

Flourish Factor is the end result and the extraordinary benefit of Alignment Partnership that will make your organization a flowing stream of productivity. It is embodied in employees who feel valued, are encouraged to grow in the RIGHT roles, and look forward to coming to work each day. It’s in the mutual respect in your organizational culture and the RIGHT leadership consistently getting the RIGHT results by nurturing the true nature of employees. Flourish Factor makes you an unstoppable, constructive force of nature. Discover what it takes to flourish today!

Front line managers left Mary’s class with a strong grounding in HR/employment policies and the skills to apply them.  Managers now have the ability to apply a communication model that will help them set expectations for their teams and hold their employees accountable to meeting established expectations.
Kathy HaskenhoffBJC Institute for Learning & Development

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