Momma, Look At Me!

2017-10-30 Momma Look at Me BLOGI always find that taking time out and unplugging is the best way I can clear my head and really focus on new ideas. One of my go-to activities for this is camping.

I usually camp during times that are less crowded, so I can reconnect with the quiet beauty nature has to offer. A recent camping experience was anything but that. To my surprise, the campground was nearly full with people, including children of all ages.

Throughout the weekend, I could hear children saying “Momma, look at me!” and “Daddy, watch this.” These requests were quickly acknowledged with immediate attention and praise.

Witnessing these simple interactions between children and their parents, made me think about how we experience similar scenarios in the workplace. There is a basic need for acknowledgement and praise within organizations, companies, departments and teams.

Employees at every level want to be valued, listened to and appreciated. This recognition helps all of us flourish at work.

When we take the time to value, listen to and appreciate each other, we are doing what the parents at the campground were doing—giving validation. We are saying, “Do more of what you are already doing, because I like it.”

This validation feels good both mentally and emotionally. It also improves our morale, productivity and engagement. And it only takes a few seconds to provide it.

Many times, when I work with managers, I often hear how companies are focused on “documenting the bad” and “CYA” practices. It leaves me wondering what kind of cultural ecosystem they are creating. I question if their departmental teams are engaged and aligned. I also consider whether or not their employee relationships are respectful and trustworthy.

I was reminded of a good lesson by the children around me during that camping weekend. And I think it’s one we can all benefit from in our work lives.

If you need a simple, cost-effective way to enhance your office culture and give a positive lift to workplace morale, productivity, engagement, and relationships, make time to value, listen to and appreciate each other. Just a few minutes each day will provide the validation we all need to flourish at work!

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2 Responses to Momma, Look At Me!

    • Thank you Les! This insight came from just “being” in camp, observing all that was going on around me. Quite an experience!

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