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The PLANT Package is the Foundation for Business Success.

Welcome to management! And congratulations for accepting this very important role.

We developed this 6-month process specifically for managers with less than 2 years of experience, teams that are new to each other, team members that are skeptical of the new manager, teams with unclear direction and managers and teams struggling with change.

PLANT Package Highlights

  • Law & Risk

    Learn Federal and State Laws that impact managers, leaders, the team and the company. Identify how to decrease your personal and professional risk and liability.

  • Team Development

    Learn the basics of group dynamics to minimize conflict and develop cohesive teams. Know the team’s style priorities and preferences and how to improve their relationships, despite their differences.

  • Personal Style

    Discover your natural management style priorities and preferences and what’s getting in the way of your success. Improve your ability to direct, delegate, motivate and develop others.

  • Communication & Expectations

    Understand the Illusion of Communication so that team members listen and comprehend performance expectations the first time. Learn a simple, straightforward communication method to provide appropriate feedback, both good and bad.

  • Where Are You Going & Why Are You Going There?

    Get clarity of who is being served, if they are satisfied with the product and/or service and what the team needs to do about it.  Identify goals and corresponding strategies that fully engage the team to achieve those results.

  • The Art of Change

    Learn The Human Side of Change and create successful strategies for guiding and leading the team through change.

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