Replenishing Your Reservoir: Turning Off and Tuning Out

2017-7-1 Replenishing Your Reservoir BLOGAs I begin celebrating my 17th annual July Birthday Extravaganza, I am looking forward to experiencing 31-days of “first in my life experiences” – similar to a “bucket list.”  For the past couple of weeks, I have been reflecting on the past 16 years of Extravaganzas, pouring through hundreds of photos and journal pages totaling 496 “first in my life experiences.” My gut is stirring, my mind is whirling and my entire being is revving up for… what is not yet known!

Sixteen years ago, the Extravaganza purposefully began as a way to replenish my reservoir. You have a reservoir to replenish too!  We store our creativity, drive, capabilities, energy, skills, knowledge, talents, attitude, motivation, etc. in our reservoirs – our reserves. We pull from our reservoirs daily.

When our reservoirs are at the point of depletion, we hear it:  “I’m so tired; I need a break; I’m burning out; I’m so stressed; I’m overwhelmed . . . . “ We also feel it in the form of: lack of patience; quick to anger; lash out; display “in-the-grip-behaviors” . . . you know what I’m talking about!  We are out of alignment with our true nature!

So as I finalize business to do’s, finish domestic chores, sling outdoor gear into the truck and load the kayak, I thought I’d share a previous post that summarizes Turning Off and Tuning Out. Click here to read more – “Purposeful UNtethering:  Balance.

I wish you a fantastic July, full of Independence Day celebrations!  Please let me know what you’ve been doing to replenish your reservoir [contact me here].

I’ll see you in August, as a refreshed, reinvigorated, rejuvenated human being who has replenished her reservoir!  And I’ll be flourishing!

Turning Off and Tuning Out,

Mary Sig





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