My Revolution Evolution: Celebrating 30 years!!


It was October 1, 1991.

I had a “good” job as the Employee Benefits and Medical Department Supervisor for a global appliance manufacturer. I knew I had an underutilized aptitude to better serve my employer and that my job wasn’t a good “fit” for me. I wanted to apply for another position in the newly formed training department, but a Human Resource policy was forcing me to stay in my role as supervisor. And that role was slowly sucking the life out of me. So, I quit.

I had no idea what I was going to do. I just knew I had to do something. I was 30 years old, professionally stagnant and personally frustrated. It was time for a change!

On that day, just like that, I took a leap of faith. I jumped off into the wild unknown with nothing more than the cash from my 401(k) and a belief that there had to be more to life than going through the motions for a paycheck.

I realized I had a yearning to learn more about my innate strengths and how to use those strengths consistently to earn my living. I wanted my “work” to truly serve others. In this role at this employer, the large group employee benefit presentations and the individual benefit and retirement counseling sessions had been the only thing that energized me and fired me up! I knew I needed to teach. I also knew I wanted “work” to be meaningful, motivational, rewarding and energizing – not only for me, but for others.

There had to be a way my yearning to have more meaning and purpose in a job role, while capitalizing on my strengths, could help others find that fire and passion for their work. The question was: How?

It was time for a revolution evolution!

My personal evolution and the evolution of my companies, HR etc!! and Alignment Partnership, literally began out of my truck that fall of 1991.

My quest for answers and direction took five months, four states, 30,000 miles, unconditional focus, lots of helpful people and tons of initiative, perseverance, and resilience. I was living out of my truck while camping with my dog Mollie to save money. I was on my way!

I felt energized by the possibilities – for the first time in a long time. Paths of opportunity opened up. And people came into my life to enrich, clarify, and further my journey. I was following my true nature and trusting that my true nature would never fail me. And it didn’t!

Now it’s October 1, 2021. And here I am celebrating that bold, somewhat crazy decision to take that leap 30 years ago. HR etc!! and Alignment Partnership have flourished and evolved.

It has truly been a remarkable revolution evolution! I discovered Seven Revolution Revelations that have guided, supported and inspired me on my 30 year journey.

As risky as that drastic move might’ve seemed back then, it was the right thing to do. I have NO regrets!

Change is good!! Especially when it comes out of following that deep yearning to serve others and make a difference using your innate strengths and true nature.

Our work and our lives can be purposeful and fulfilling. And isn’t that what we all long for?

I encourage you to take that risk, shake things up, Nurture Your Nature and start your own revolution evolution! Align your natural strengths and true nature with the work you do. Be bold and create the optimal ecosystem for making your greatest contributions for your overall success. Find that satisfaction and pride in knowing you are valued and heard. You will reach the summit of your highest mountain. And you too, will be flourishing!!

Follow the entire story in My Roots.

Your Partner in Alignment,


If you want to know more about how to start your own revolution evolution, contact me directly.

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