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For managers to grow winning teams, their reality is nothing stays the same! This means that managers need to know how to effectively guide and lead teams through the transition from what they know to what they don’t know. This requires managers to create evolving, adaptable workforces and workplaces.

Soil. Rain. Sun.

Companies are an ecosystem, too, and managers need the right mix of elements to achieve results.

Willingness. Resources. Support

To have managers who understand strategy, can align departmental goals and are able to motivate their teams to succeed, you need to plant, cultivate and grow them. After all, managers deal with human nature.

That’s where we can help. Alignment Partnership provides managers and teams with education, facilitation services and workshops for team alignment.


The Alignment Partnership Model

Our proprietary system guides managers and their teams through seven steps designed to create a cohesive team, an Alignment Partnership, who achieves results:

The Alignment Partnership System



1  Vision

A vision is a desired future state that the company/department envisions becoming and/or doing. It is imagining what could be with the conviction that is should be. Everything in business emanates from the Vision.

Unified Direction

2  Strategy

Strategy is an overall plan for obtaining a specific goal or result.

Goals & Related Strategies

3  Expectations

Establishing expectations helps the team know what is required by whom and by when to achieve goals.


4  Measurement

Measuring outcomes requires a system/method for knowing if goals and objectives are being achieved.

Success Factors

5  Feedback

People require feedback on their performance – the good, the bad and the ugly.


6  Systems

Effective systems and processes are required to get things done.


7  Trust

Trust is a willingness of team members to be vulnerable with each other by acknowledging weaknesses, willingly apologizing, being unguarded and asking one another for input regarding their areas of responsibility.


Whether you’re looking for a facilitator to help you grow a winning team or a workshop leader to inspire and motivate, Alignment Partnership sessions are interactive, energizing and offer valuable tools that will provide insight and promote positive changes within your business. Our work is customized to spark relevant discussions that will challenge participants and inspire them to act.

Alignment Partnership helps managers develop winning teams and empowers teams to work within their strengths – honoring their true nature and creating a flow within your company. That flow fuels efficiency, engagement, execution, performance and innovation, which leads to results AND satisfied stakeholders.

With Alignment Partnership, you and your team become an unstoppable, constructive force of nature through:

  • Revelation and exploration
  • Intentional engagement
  • Goals set through clear, shared vision
  • Honoring your team’s unique, individual contributions
  • Tapping into the reservoir of your team’s resources

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