Start a Vision Revolution!

After my last post, May the Force of Vision Be With You, I received some interesting comments and questions. The sentiment of some seems to be that missions and visions are a waste of time, money and effort. I can’t begin to tell you how disheartening it is to know leaders, managers and employees feel this way. But I’ve found that when I ask some questions and dig a little deeper to find out why they feel that way, there are always some common themes behind the belief that organizational vision doesn’t work.

  1. It was a process that needed to be “checked off the to-do list” to satisfy the Board and Shareholders.
  2. It was a difficult, expensive project that led to nowhere.
  3. The vision was “shelved” with no one referencing it after the first 30 days of inception.
  4. It was not an integral part of staff meeting agendas.
  5. Employees were not told about it.
  6. Leaders and managers didn’t align departmental team time and efforts toward the fulfillment of the vision.
  7. Endless combinations of the above… and more!

Does any of this sound familiar? If you answered “yes”, you’re not harnessing the power of vision – a valuable tool for organizational success.

Vision is imagining what could be with the conviction that it should be. It is identifying what you’d like to accomplish or achieve and believing it matters.

Over the past 34 years of working with human nature in the workplace, I’ve seen the advantages of vision backed by conviction and a plan to achieve it. Vision with conviction is a powerful catalyst for organizational success. Without it, your organization is adrift and ineffective. Click here to see the Compelling Case for Vision With Conviction.

Leaders and managers articulating a vision can create partnership. Establishing the path of goals and expectations can provide alignment. And being in an Alignment Partnership is one of your greatest competitive advantages.

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2 Responses to Start a Vision Revolution!

  1. Thank you Mary for keeping the conversation going. Unfortunately, its difficult for any organization (or person) to keep “on focus” without constant reminders and communication keeping the mission and the vision moving in a positive direction. It takes a daily focus for any change to become a habit!

    • I appreciate your response Germaine. And I completely understand. If we would bring mission and vision into our staff meetings, huddles, planning, conflicts, conversation, etc. we can keep focus on it and continue moving in a positive direction. Once we do this regularly, it will become a habit.

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