Will you unlock the remarkable opportunities of our evolution?

If you’re not tapping into the strengths of the individuals in your workforce and what fires them up, you’re wasting a valuable, powerful resource!

Before I started HRetc!!, I had a “good” corporate job in human resources… and it was literally sucking the life out of me. There were aspects of my job that fired me up and brought out the best in me, but most of my job made it hard to even want to go to work.

With that employer, the only time I felt strong and organically engaged was while presenting benefit information to groups of employees and during individual benefit and retirement counseling sessions. I loved it! My team and I were on fire! I knew I had to do more of this – I had to educate.

When a new training department was created, I immediately applied to be part of that team. I KNEW that would be the RIGHT role for me. I KNEW facilitation and training were my strengths and the type of work that would inspire me, but rigid corporate policies forced me to stay where I was… doing a job that wasn’t a good fit for me.



At that point, something inside me started to simmer. I was filled with a yearning to not only do the work that made me feel strong, but to help others overcome their frustration and unlock their strengths too.  I needed to explore my own true nature, which led me on a journey out of which HRetc!! was born … and I’ve never looked back.

Every individual has a true nature. Every individual has that role that inspires them, fires them up and makes them feel organically engaged and excited to come to work and contribute their best.

Alignment really is the key! The RIGHT people, in the RIGHT roles, with the RIGHT responsibilities, making the RIGHT contributions brings the RIGHT results – EVERY time. And by doing the RIGHT things with aligned words and actions, fairness and consistency, while respecting and listening to employees, leaders and managers provide what’s required for employees to be their most productive. It creates and supports a culture of Alignment Partnership that allows everyone to FLOURISH. 

On March 1, 2016, we’re launching the evolution of what I’ve learned in my journey to help others identify and work within their strengths. We’ve listened, learned and developed better tools for organizations to create the culture of FLOURISH that will enable them to reach the summit of what they can achieve.

The revolutionary evolution that is Alignment Partnership is almost here! 

P.S. Can’t wait to know more? Contact me today and I’ll tell you.

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