We’re Ready to Launch Into Something Extraordinary!

After 33 years in human resources and 25 years of HRetc!!, my journey continues and I couldn’t be more excited to share some BIG news with you! 

As a lifelong learner, I am constantly growing, evolving and bringing the best of what I’ve learned to my life and my work. In recent years, my clients have challenged me to explore bold, new directions, stretch the boundaries of what is possible and rise to the occasion of helping them be the best they can be. Through that challenge, I’ve honed and refined my expertise and vision. And after 25 years, I find myself standing at the edge of a jumping off point for HRetc!! with my arms to the sky, ready to launch into an exhilarating new chapter that more fully embraces all I’ve learned.

It’s ALWAYS been about a partnership between leadership, management and teams. I’ve ALWAYS believed that certain elements were key to engagement and tapping into the best your team has to give. But as I’ve learned and grown from working with leaders and teams, I’ve unearthed an even clearer, more effective path for organizations to get where they want to go!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be revealing more about the direction HRetc!! is taking. And I’m confident that, when you see where my journey has led me, you’re going to be just as excited as I am about the possibilities for where this new direction for HRetc!! will take you.

STAY TUNED… we’re getting set to go from excellent to extraordinary!

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